Become a Landlord; Grow Your Income

Dated: August 14 2022

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Ron Roberts

Hi! I’m Ron, a Georgia-born Atlanta resident and real estate agent ready to put my education, personal and professional experience and work ethic into helping you find your new home, sell your e....

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I hear it all the time: "I'm just going to wait." Buyers are "just going to wait" until mortgage rates drop. Sellers are, too.  Here's my early Halloween scare for buyers,

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Would 1% Down make you a MORE interested buyer?

Honest question; what if you only had to put 1% of your new home's purchase price down, instead of 3 to 3.5%? Would that make a difference to your ability to leave "rent" or "living stacked on

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So I've been super-busy lately, showing houses to prospective residents, many of them looking to lease. Not a lot of agents want to work with folks only looking to rent, but working with Home

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