Lease with option to purchase success stories: you can be next!

Dated: August 9 2023

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So I've been super-busy lately, showing houses to prospective residents, many of them looking to lease. Not a lot of agents want to work with folks only looking to rent, but working with Home Partners of America, I give folks an alternative to renting a house or townhome poorly cared for by prior tenants and barely made "move-in ready" again by landlords panicked to get a new tenant in so they don't miss a month of rental income.


That alternative? A home that's not actually for rent, but for sale. 

A recently purchased Home Partners' home in Fairburn, Georgia 

Think about it: most home sellers want top dollar for their home so they do all they can to make it appealing to buyers, which means - in general - a home for sale is in much better condition. There's usually an uptick in quality and finishes, too.


So far I've put families in homes in McDonough, Union City and Dallas/Paulding. Heck, I even helped a family bridge the gap from "our lease ends on the 30th but our move-in isn't until the 3rd" with a quick AirBnB stay to make it happen. 


This is a viable alternative for anyone just below the minimum credit score or just a touch shy on the amount needed for a down payment, but also makes sense for anyone who's relocating from other parts of the country and aren't sure how long they'll be here or just don't have the time and mental bandwidth to manage a home purchase (yet) but want to live in something temporarily that's of a quality to their liking.


I can handle that. 


There's more, though: if the resident gets all settled in and realizes "hey, I actually really like this place. I want to buy it" - that's an option. The deposit becomes part of the down payment. There's no obligation to do so, though. The resident just moves on when the lease agreement terminates & gets their deposit back. 


Anyhow, if you or someone you know has some interest in leasing homes of a higher quality and/or wants to check in on the lease-to-purchase process, let me know. I'm on a bit of a roll with Home Partners and would love to help other families find a place to call "home ... for now" or "home ... forever."

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