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Dated: May 19 2024

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Latonya and I began discussing her future home search in February. By "future," I mean "she was thinking 'end of. year' or early 2025. 

Like many, interest rates concerned her, but it also concerned her tha she and her wife, Alexsis, had a lease renewal coming up this summer and were tired of throwing thie rmoney away each month into someone else's equity growth. They also needed a place for their two dogs, Phoenix ("Phee Phee") and Sadie to enjoy yard space, and their cat, Zulu, to have a "catio." Oh, I almost forgoet "Irv," their RV. I named him. Get it? Irv? "Rrrrrvvv?"

(L-R: Alexsis, Latonya, Phoebe &Sadie)

I haven't even bothered to ask them if the name stuck with them. It's stuck with me. :)

Okay so once we started swapping home listings between us, and walking properties, I could tell: they were more eager to make this move than I'd anticipated. What's awesome about a couple who balance each other out is, though, one may be more eager than the other, with the other tempering the enthusiasm enough that they don't leap into something that won't be "the" right situation for them.

That's what Alexsis ("Lexie") does for Latonya - and Latonya readily admits it.

First house we saw together - Latonya wanted it. Lexie was quieter but supportive. We saw another home that day - one that neither was excited about - then went our separate ways. After just about every "first" walkthrough, there's adjustments for me to make on my buyers' criteria which almost always shakes out more options in the multiple listing services databases I subscribe to.

This was no different a situation. Almost immediately, a house I'd sent them piqued their interest and curiosity. They had to see it. Small problem was I had a prior commitment pulling me out of state for the day they were available, so I coordinated with a fellow EXP agent so they could see it and that was the home they were both on board with. 

In our group text between the three of us, I could tell they were both "in" on the house they'd seen while I was out of town. Maybe a day later, we saw it together and submitted an offer we felt was fair, and got it under contract. Inspections turned up a small number of issues ... we negotiated some more money back in closing costs to address them ... and done. 

Last Friday was "closing day" for Latonya and Lexie (and the dogs, cat and Irv) and - I'm not going to lie - they were adorably giddy. They're the kind of clients that reinviograte a realtor (their lendor, Randy McMullin with Amstar Loans, too). 

It's tough out there; you see all the headlines. What makes the homebuying process easier is 

+ not applying national industry headlines to your personal needs

+ finding the right agent to guide you through the process

+ having a savvy lender who knows how to make your numbers work 

+ balancing your eagerness with patience, too.

Rates are dipping below 7% again (without the Fed acting!), lenders are offering all manner of incentives to help homebuyers combat corporate home purchasers (some with $0 down, many with no PMI, too) and there are good buys in and around metro Atlanta. Just ask Latonya and Lexie.

I'm wired to believe people are brought into our lives for a reason, and to do the work to keep the right ones in your circle. Obviously, being a realtor for people i work, but I also come away hoping there's more to my relationship with clients afterwards. They're pet people, Latonya and Lexie, so I already know we're going to bond. They're also kind and fun to be around and give off an energy that's hard not to be affected by, so I'll be buzzing around their orbit as long as they welcome me. 

Congrats to them (the Sadie, Phoebe, Zulu (pictured above; you knew I'd get a cat photo in, right?) and Irv, too) on buying their slice of Collier Heights Atlanta! I can't wait to see what the future holds for them all in their new home!

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