Ready to SPRING into this season?

Dated: March 20 2021

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Hello and happy "first day of Spring!" Here in Atlanta it may not crack 60ºF but that certainly isn't stopping nature from doing her thing; just ask your sinuses (am I right?)


It's also the time of year we REALTORS get stronger quad and calf muscles from pushing in all those "for sale" and "open house" signs into the ground, but it's yet to be seen if there's going to be a delay in that cycle (as it was in 2020) or if we'll see a spike in home sales listings once we're back into a more "normal" way of life when enough of us are vaccinated. Last week, I noted that the National Association of REALTORS reported we're down 49% from last year this time in the amount of listed inventory - and we're down 59% here in Atlanta. 


That leads to buyers pouncing on a home listing like piranha on a new wiggly morsel in the water. So we're seeing increases in sales prices (somewhat inflated, I'd say) but no - I don't think we're headed for another dreaded "bubble." Why?


Because people with the means to outbid the rest, well, had the means. They can afford to wait for their home value to climb. Here in Atlanta, paying slightly above appraisal just means months, maybe a year until you begin building equity as opposed to doing so beginning the day you close on the home. 


That doesn't mean buyers who can ONLY afford to pay what a home is worth CAN'T afford to wait for equity-building; it's just that having excess cash on hand to pad an offer isn't something the average American family believes they have, so they don't. 


You may actually have access, but aren't aware or just not interested in taking the "risk." I get that; but I'll continue to say this: interest rates (thought slightly climbing) are still at historic lows and to buy in that environment means to save TENS of THOUSANDS over the life of a mortgage. If surrendering $5,000 (for example) to in savings to get the house you love makes you $25,000 (for example) in five years of equity growth - is that a good investment? I'm no financial advisor but ... isn't it obvious?


Let's discuss your options if you're considering. 



One of my really good friends (my financial planner, actually) hit me up a couple weeks ago inquiring about the idea of purchasing rental income property. This dude's smart; and he's on to something - as are hundreds, maybe thousands, of buyers in and around metro Atlanta (it seems). 


Making such a purchase and deciding to become a landlord is like planting garden seeds: you don't wake up the next day and have a harvest, but with proper tending and maintenance - and patience - that garden will put food on the table for years to come. 


I can help with that!


BONUS: I can also help you list your rental property in two local multiple listing services (MLS) so prospective short or longterm renters working with agents can see your rental listing AND your listing will automatically appear on and the app. 


With such a housing shortage in and around metro Atlanta, making a few hundred bucks profit (after ALL expenses) each month isn't that hard. See a home, townhome or condo for sale in your neighborhood? Even easier when you live nearby your income property, right? It's a conversation I'd be glad to have with you. 

After the targeted shootings in Cherokee County and Atlanta last Tuesday, I awoke with a heavy heart on St. Patrick's Day. Didn't feel up to "celebrating" the holiday in any festive way, so I eschewed the normal "don myself in green and find a pub" proclivities and worked. I DID, however, find an article of clothing (with some green) that gave a command that I think the world needs to hear more often: love.


The irony of our having such a tragedy - pitting greater fear among our Asian American neighbors - while beginning a new day celebrating Irish heritage - wasn't lost on me. My opinion: we don't celebrate our diverse heritages enough, honestly.


I've a Filipino-born (soon to be an American citizen!) teammate who literally told us in our team "group chat" that "I'm feeling a little unsafe" when we discussed getting together to practice later in the week. 


My heart sank.


Love, y'all. That's all. 

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